Exxor’s vision is to connect all the world devices into a single DAG based network. EXX is a cryptocurrency for Internet Of Things.

Pre-ICO ends:

October 26, 2017

Sold: 7,038,650

Available: 2,961,350


33% bonus tokens for PRE-ICO
1 EXX = $0.20 USD

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Exxor is a cryptocurrency fine-tuned to provide efficient M2M interactions in the IoT industry. Instead of block chain it uses Directed Acylic Graphs (DAG) which enables zero fees on micro transactions, high scalability and offline transactions. Exxor uses a technology derived by DAG in which every transaction forms its own block verified by two randomly chosen previous transactions.

Media mentions in the news

Technology for enterprises

By combining IoT data with cognitive computing, businesses can extract valuable insights to improve virtually every aspect of their operations and enable innovative, new business models.

Companies like Samsung & Apple are promising that most of their devices will be IoT compatible by the year 2020.

The Internet of Things Market size

Millions of IoT Units Installed*
Year AP C&E Europe Latam MEA NA W Europe
2020 10110 843 562 843 7466 8285
2014 3599 227 227 341 3826 3020
AP Breakdown Millions of IoT Units Installed*
Year APeJ Japan Rest of AP
2020 8798 377 935
2014 2894 169 536
IoT is an emerging technology, coupled with a blockchain the value of connected devices is going to be worth over $14.4 trillion USD.
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This is almost as much as 2016 total United States GDP.
$14.4 trillion
Est.value of the global Internet of Things market by 2022
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$3.7 trillion from improved customer experience $3.0 trillion from reduced time to market $2.7 trillion in supply chain and logistics $2.5 trillion in reduced costs $2.5 trillion in increased employee productivity

Benefits of IoT

Integrating the block chain technology with IoT gives us various benefits such as:

  • A decentralized system where the ledger will be distributed to every entity on the network
  • A trust system which does not require the entities to know each other on the platform
  • The ability to provide micro transaction services at considerable speeds due to the elimination of the “middle-man”. The collected data can be solved to companies
  • A higher difficulty of data being tampered due to the big number of nodes present on the network and the Proof of Work (POW) requiring high computational resources for someone to do so
  • The ability to backtrack previous activities with guaranteed validity thus making it easier to make smart contracts.
  • Tracking activities and certifications to their genesis phase, such as a supply chain over its whole process so that any physical outcome is accompanied by a ‘digital passport’ that proves its authenticity and origin (IBM Watson IoT block chain)
  • Sharing of indelible records with regulatory bodies and insurers
  • Can be scaled down to make ‘smart home IoT ecosystems’, with cryptographic hashes of device firmware stored in a bock chain to reduce verification time

Our Team

Our Advisors

Hard Cap: $23 900 000 USD

Minimum goal: $2 000 000 USD

  • Maximum amount of tokens issued: 10 000 000 EXX
  • EXX token price (equivalent)* : $0,20 USD
  • Start date: 2017/10/12
  • End date: 2017/10/26
  • Maximum amount of tokens issued: 73 000 000 EXX
  • EXX token price (equivalent)* : $0,30 USD
  • Start date: 2017/10/30
  • End date: 2017/12/30
* Exchange rates are calculated at the time of the transaction
83 000 000 EXX (83%)
devoted to public
Total EXX token supply
100,000,000 EXX
17 000 000 EXX (17%)
devoted to the team

Meet Us

13 November 2017
14 November 2017
21-22 November 2017

Our roadmap

2016 May Initial Idea was Born July Market Research October 4 Developers joined the team & MVP was built December Testing the network with first machines 2017 January Team expands to 10 people May Further Research on Technology & Search for Partnerships July Extending Technology Scalability Issues September (current state) ICO December Beta release for early users & bug fixes 2018 March Initial Launch

Development roadmap

2017 01 August Feasibility Study with IoT applications and Genesis phase 2o September Encoding of SHA-3 Standard Hashing Algorithms with testing 09 November Encoding of trust systems with minting rules followed by testing 03 December Implementation of difficulty algorithms with their modifying factors and test results 29 December System developer beta released for review and improvements 2018 17 February Archetype of Network applied to an application area and results verified 08 April Complete white box and black box testing of the whole Network system

Exxor Advantages

Why Exxor?

Exxor core technology is Directed Acyclic Graphs (D.A.G). For Internet of Things, D.A.G. is much more effective than Blockchain.

D.A.G. vs Blockchain


Usabilitty Blockchain D.A.G. Scale


0% even for microtransactions

Increase as it scales

Hardware & Electricity Resources

Not required

Increase as it scales

Currently the Bitcoin's transaction fees have reached $1 USD & it consumes electricity power that's worth more than $2 Billion USD annually

Join us

Exxor is building a community to expand this project together.

If you are a talented developer, welcome to join us!

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